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Jun. 28th, 2012

If anyone happens to be looking for any of my stories...

I am putting all my stories up on my own site. You know, less drama that way. You can find it here:


Not everything is there yet, but I will be adding stories daily.

I think I missed being on proboards because I had a small group of loyal readers. When I go on Wattpad I have 8,000 crazy demanding readers that make me really nervous. So I'm going back to an old school approach.

A lot of my work is Original these days, but I will be putting up all my best fanfics as well. Including this one.

Mar. 3rd, 2011

Friends Only

Journal entries will be Friends Only from here on, since I woke up to find adult ads posted on my story chapters. That's just not cool. lol So if you want to read House of Syn or any other stories posted here, add as a friend. I accept all, and I add back. It's a win/win situation!


House of Syn - Chapter 7

Valen woke up the next morning still feeling a tad bit drunk. This actually proved to be a good thing, because it made it a little bit easier to practice her confident walk all the way to work and all the way into her cubicle that day. She noticed that when she used this particular walk, she felt better for some strange reason. She had glimpsed her reflection in the storefronts that morning and she thought that it made her figure look better, too. She was having a hard time with the making eye contact thing, though. She had tried it at Starbucks, where she normally went in the mornings to grab her morning coffee. She had made eye contact with the barista as he passed her the coffee she'd ordered.

He'd smiled at her.

It was a bit shocking. Guys just didn't go around smiling at her, and at first she didn't know what to think. She was flustered, she just grabbed her coffee and left. What was he doing smiling at her? What for? The longer she thought about it she didn't think that he was making fun of her, but she couldn't imagine what else it could be. Was he just acknowledging her eye contact? That seemed plausible, but in a way it seemed like more than that. It seemed like some sort of small gesture of approval. But for what?


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House of Syn - Chapter 6

When Valen arrived at the shop it was 1:00 on the dot, and Brian was just showing the last customer out. It immediately hit her like a ton of bricks how gorgeous he looked that night. He was wearing black pants and a black sleeveless button down shirt with white stitching. He had a few buttons unbuttoned. His hair looked all sexy - tousled and kinda flippy at the ends. She wondered if he really just looked that good all the time, and if so, how much work did he have to put into it?

He greeted her, let her in, and locked the door behind her. Then he turned off the outside music and lights. She felt kind of special being allowed in the shop after hours. That is, until she noticed that there was porn playing on all the monitors on the walls today. Some busty blonde was taking on two beefcakes. There was no sound, but it still made her pretty uncomfortable considering who she was around.

'Just deal with it,' she told herself. 'Just don't look at it. If you don't look at it, you won't start thinking about it.'


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House of Syn - Chapter 5

The green-eyed DJ helped her up, but as soon as he did, a strong hand pulled her backwards. She turned around to see Matt.

"What's going on here?" he asked.

Valen was too drunk to figure out what was going on. She just stood there, hanging on Matt's shoulder for balance.

"I was just helping her up. She fucking passed out cold for a second there," Zacky said. "Maybe you should get her out of here?"


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House of Syn - Chapter 4

When Valen let herself back into her apartment and shut the door, she suddenly had a thought that stopped her in her tracks and gripped her heart with fear.

'He probably said he'd meet me there because it will be easier to ditch me. What if he doesn't show?' she wondered. 'Why would he want to go drinking with me, anyway? He doesn't know me, and I haven't exactly made the best impression...'


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House of Syn - Chapter 3

"Ha ha ha! Owned!" Valen typed into the chat box, as she ended her game of WoW. She had been playing for 7 hours straight, and was now talking to her archnemesis from the game on AIM. They had a serious rivalry going, and they liked to taunt each other. But they were also friends, too. "You just got raped !"

"WTFE," he replied. "Your entire guild is weak! Weak, I say!"

His Screen Name was LordPein_GodRealm. Even though she had been talking to him for years and had seen plenty of pictures of him, she did not call him by his real name (Which was Jerry). She just called him LordPein.

"Okay, Real Life question," she announced. "What can a girl do to spend time with a hot guy or get on a hot guy's good side? In a friend kinda way?"

"What kind of hot guy?"

"He is tall, good-looking, about 25-ish, extremely well-built, has full sleeves, and works at a porn shop."

"Take him out for drinks," LordPein suggested. "Does he like to go out drinking?"


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House of Syn - Chapter 2

When Valen woke up the next day it was around 1:30 pm. She found herself stretched out on her bed, where she had passed out the night before alongside her new toy (whose batteries she had completely exhausted). She thought about all the fun she'd had with her Red Devil and smiled. She smiled even bigger when she thought about exactly who she'd been imagining while she'd had that fun.

'God, he is gorgeous,' she thought, with true heartfelt appreciation.


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House of Syn - Chapter 1

"I can do this," Valen muttered to herself as she walked along the street. "I mean, I don't need anyone to go to the porn shop with me. I am independent."

It was slightly after midnight on a Friday night, and as usual, Valen had no date and no prospects. Her only two friends were busy with their boyfriend or newborn baby. She had watched all the movies she owned, played all her favorite video games for hours, and checked for updates on all her favorite online Manga series. In short, she was bored. Really bored. And a little horny. And when she got like this, she usually just bought a new toy. Because getting an actual date was something that never happened for her.

The only problem was, this time she would have to go to the porn shop alone in a new neighborhood. She had just moved to this town and she knew that there was a toy shop called "House of Syn" close by her apartment complex. It looked pretty upscale, and it was located on a busy street. But she had never been in there.

'I hope this shop is not creepy,' she thought, as she waited at the light, right across from the store. The store was lit up in bright purple neon lights, and she could hear rock music coming from the speakers outside the storefront. The place always had music going on, so as to draw in people, she guessed. 'I hope no one talks to me in there. I just want to buy something interesting and leave.'


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Jan. 28th, 2011


I'm trying to decide whether or not to start using my own personal LJ more. To post fics, and all that. We shall see.